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Editing & Communications

Look professional and communicate effectively

René Wilson

Looking for a simple way to increase revenue?

Create long-term relationships with loyal followers?

“You can create loyal followers and increase revenue simply by communicating effectively.”

Hi! I’m René Wilson, a food editor and communication specialist.  I am passionate about helping food writers and small hospitality businesses look professional and connect with their audience so they have the best chance for success.

I look at your content and marketing communications from your audience’s perspective to make sure that it’s not only clear, consistent, and free from error but also communicates your intended message.



Are you informing, persuading and building relationships?

We’ll collaborate to make the most effective plan for each project to attract your target audience. It’s all in the delivery, so it’s important to focus on informative, persuasive messages and reinforce your market credibility. Together, we’ll ensure that you’re connecting and engaging your readers and customers.

I’m curious by nature, love the food world, and have a long history with building relationships in the hospitality industry. So, understanding your story and the purpose of your project is very exciting for me.

Hopefully, my reputation for results and accuracy will encourage you to see if I’m the right fit for you and your project!

A little about me…

After getting a degree in journalism and marketing, I started writing and editing advertising spots at my first job in radio. That carried over into ad creation for print with an ad agency. Then, all of a sudden, I found myself in marketing at a Fred Couples Audubon golf community.

I spent the next 20 years in sales, marketing and hospitality. From working as a director of sales and marketing for Marriott and Choice Hotels to owning a boutique dessert gift business, I was able to develop, hone, and show my writing, editing, and communication skills.

So, I now have the privilege of combining my marketing communications experience and a lifelong love of food and hospitality.

I grew up in my grandmothers’ kitchen, cook at home almost every meal and I prefer to get my food straight from the farmers. I enjoy connecting with people as well as connecting people together.

All of this allows me to be a better food editor, communications specialist, and devoted promoter for all of my clients.

Food-related projects are my specialty, but I provide communication services for the hospitality industry as a whole: food and beverage, travel and tourism, lodging and recreation.  

Check out a few of my projects…